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The continuous increase of energy consumption and the environmental effects of fossil fuel combustion are some of the causes promoting the development of alternative clean energy systems. This work aims to identify the total electric efficiency, and cold gas efficiency of a 10kWe commercial downdraft gasifier fed with Coconut Shells. Moreover, the scope is to establish the convection and radiation heat losses using thermography images and dimensionless parameters. An empirical relation to calculate the syngas composition based on the CO and CO2 content was identified. Total electric efficiency was about 20% while cold gas efficiency around 53%. Radiation and convection heat losses from reactors surface were about 3% of total thermal energy employed. Coconut shells gasification is a feasible alternative for electricity generation for rural areas.  


Carlos Andrés Forero Núñez
Heat losses analysis using infrared thermography on a fixed bed downdraft gasifier
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