Estrategy Plan

Our Vision for 2020, seeks to find Utadeo recognized on a global scale as an innovative and entrepreneurial University.

We are inspired by the concept of being an innovative university promoted by the OECD and the European Commission for fresh new ideas. Utadeo will incorporate advanced management practices in all its form; from teaching and learning, research, and exchanges of knowledge through its relationship with the natural environment and its broad international connections. All aspects of university governance, its organizational structure, and human resources will support this initiative.

In 2020, Utadeo will be a leader in the creation of policies centered on the student experience by taking actions that will help young people succeed in their transition into University life and beyond. The University offers enriching educational opportunities, research and relationship with the environment, including the design of innovative physical spaces and the use of cutting edge technology for educational purposes. Utadeo also intends to expand its student community and continue to be an institution open to students from all different academic and social conditions.

The research and the relationship with local businesses supported by the progress of internationalization, will continue to be strengthened and encouraged by innovative entrepreneurship and the amenities of technological services.

In the same way, leveraging our strength in arts and design, will invigorate the interdisciplinary projects between the arts and sciences and consolidate the culture of creativity within the university.